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Wind River Technology for Internet of Things Serves as Software Backbone for Intelligent Gateways

Posted on April 1, 2014

Making the most of the Internet of Things (IoT) includes extending and protecting the value of existing technology investments, such as getting the valuable data from legacy equipment without replacing existing infrastructure. The newly launched Intel® Gateway Solutions for IoT is a family of platforms that offers companies a key building block to enable the connectivity of legacy devices and other systems to the IoT via gateway. An integral part of the Intel solution is Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT, which serves as the software backbone for intelligent gateways. Based on Wind River industry-leading operating systems and development tools, it is a complete software development environment that provides pre-integrated and fully tested ready-to-use components to secure, manage, and connect intelligent gateways. More information about how Wind River is addressing the opportunities and challenges created by the IoT is available here.