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Web Seminars Series


Maximum velocity means maximizing the rate at which a software team can deliver on its objectives, the ability to adapt to customer expectations, and how quickly a completed product can be deployed. Velocity is a key component in practices such as Agile, Continuous Integration, and DevOps.

This web seminar series consists of three 30-minute web seminars based on specific strategies to help embedded development teams achieve maximum velocity by adopting continuous practices. Each web seminar focuses on a specific theme.

  • How to get faster time to market and acceleration with access
  • How to have higher quality, lower cost with automation
  • How to reduce risk with collaboration

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Faster Time to Market and Acceleration with Access

We discuss the limitations regarding access to target hardware that might impede the ability to continuously integrate and deploy, and offer some specific strategies to overcome those limitations.

Watch the 1st seminar of the series

Higher Quality, Lower Cost with Automation

Due to the nature of embedded systems, engineers often work with manual processes to test, reconfigure, and test again. We’ll discuss new ways to automate this process to increase the effectiveness of testing.

Watch the 2nd seminar of the series

Reducing Risk with Collaboration

Are your teams distributed in more than one location? Do your internal teams need to interact with each other? Do you work with one or more external partners? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know the ability to collaborate effectively is as important as it is challenging. This seminar addresses how to collaborate more effectively.

Watch the 3rd seminar of the series