Wind River Newsletter: Third Quarter 2012

Wind River Intelligent Device
Platform Unveiled

From real-time traffic data communicated to your GPS, to remote patient monitoring systems transmitting data to a doctor's computer, to smart meters transmitting utility usage data, intelligent devices are rolling out across industries and the globe. Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform is a complete software development environment for faster and more efficient machine-to-machine (M2M) development for secure and reliable intelligent devices.

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Maximizing Multi-core with VxWorks and Freescale T4240

Revolutionize your move to multi-core with the powerhouse combination of Freescale's first system-on-chip (SoC) in the QorIQ T series, the T4240, and the Wind River VxWorks® real-time operating system. The T4240's optimized platform features are used to full advantage by the unique multi-core configuration capabilities of VxWorks to maximize your performance and consolidation benefits. Also, accelerate your migration to the T4240 with Wind River Simics, our full system simulation platform that delivers access support for the T4240—in advance of hardware availability.

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Stay Current with the Latest on Android for Embedded

The Android operating system is gaining a foothold in several embedded device categories. Stay current on the latest advancements in security-enabled Android, operating system extensions for market-specific implementations, and application testing in an Android system.

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Intel and Wind River Team up
to Deliver Smart Therapeutic Devices

At the recent Intel® Developer Forum, Wind River and Intel's ISG-Healthcare group showcased a multi-core-based therapeutic proof-of-concept that demonstrated safety, security, and interoperability possibilities for the therapeutic device market. The design combines Intel's processing expertise with our proficiency in embedded technologies to meet the needs of therapeutic device developers, providing a streamlined, more efficient design and development process.

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White Paper

Building a Smarter Smart Grid: Counteracting Cyber-Threats in Energy Distribution

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Qt Commercial 4.8.3 Released with Official Support for VxWorks

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Web Seminar

Max out Your Multi-core Performance with Wind River VxWorks

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AdvaMed 2012:
The MedTech

October 1–3, 2012
Boston, MA

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Billing/CRM Europe

October 9–11, 2012

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October 29–
November 1, 2012
Orlando, FL

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