Wind River Networking Newsletter: June 2012

Mastering the Fast Path:
Wind River Solutions for Intel Data Plane
Development Kit

If you've purchased a communications processor from Intel® in the past year, there is a strong likelihood you are familiar with Intel Data Plane Development Kit. Intel DPDK, as it is commonly referred to here at Wind River®, is a set of libraries that help applications transmit and receive packet data as efficiently as possible on Intel Xeon multi-core processors. System architects and designers of networking applications can leverage Intel DPDK to accelerate packets through layer 3 to create a fast path for packets to build high-performance applications. Mastering the fast path opens the door to a world of new high-value intelligent applications such as deep packet inspection and security.

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Carrier Grade Linux
Off-the-Shelf and Ready
for High-Performance
Network Applications

Wind River and Intel have joined forces to deliver a high-performance carrier-grade solution for next-generation servers, data centers, storage products, and communications systems. It's the best of both worlds: a stable and preconfigured Linux run-time integrated with the Intel Xeon S2600GZ server board. The solution is available today in an off-the-shelf, orderable embedded development kit.

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Education Services: Using
Wind River Simics to Streamline the Network Lab

Wind River Education Services provides user training for a variety of topics, including Wind River operating systems and tools and more general topics such as networking. We are now offering a training course to bring customers up to speed on Intel DPDK. One of the biggest challenges we face in providing training is the hands-on labs. These labs can require complicated logistics when it comes to shipping boards and configuring networks. They can be extremely time consuming and error prone. For that reason, we are looking into using Wind River Simics as an alternative to physical hardware to streamline training logistics. It also makes it simple to encapsulate configurations, while maintaining the reality of cross-development.

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News Release

Wind River Delivers Support and Services for Intel Data Plane Development Kit for High-Performance Packet Processing

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White Paper

Multi-core Networking for the New Data Plane

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June 18–21, 2012
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RSA Conference China

August 28–29, 2012
Chengdu, China

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8 Design Decisions
for Next-Generation

June 21, 2012
9 a.m. PT/12 p.m.

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