Wind River Industrial Newsletter: May 2012

Connected, Managed, and Secure: Delivering the Next-Generation Smart Grid

The promise and potential of the smart grid leads energy providers on a path toward a more efficient, reliable, flexible, and safe energy distribution system. However, providers face many challenges, including regulatory requirements and an aging energy delivery system. The main issues facing energy providers are the ability to retrofit and modernize the existing grid while designing tomorrow's energy grid with built-in intelligence, connectivity, and the flexibility to adapt to the future at an acceptable cost and without undue complexity.

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Industrial Automation
and the Cloud

By Alexander Damisch

We're hearing so much about the cloud lately—and I get asked often what cloud computing means in the context of industrial automation and about the benefits delivered, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the cloud as it pertains to industrial automation. It's a topic I recently covered in a Q&A session for the Intel Embedded Community.

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Improving Embedded Operating System Security Part 4: Partition Systems to Protect Essential Components

By Bill Graham

An effective security technique is to separate different major components of a system into partitions. In some cases these partitions are physical, i.e., separate devices with physical separation. With modern virtualization technologies these partitions can be virtual, in software, on the same device or processor. An example of this would be combining a general purpose OS (GPOS) such as Microsoft Windows or Linux and an RTOS such as VxWorks on the same device but each runs in its own virtual environment. In this way security attacks and vulnerabilities on the GPOS do not affect the mission critical control done in the RTOS. Similarly, the GUI and remote access for a device can be in one partition and the control systems in another. Remote attacks that deny service or crash the GUI partition do not affect the control systems.

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All Electronics: Jim Douglas Interview

All Electronics interviewed Senior Vice President of Marketing Jim Douglas recently about how embedded systems and the "Internet of things" are becoming far more intertwined.

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White Paper

Keeping Rail Projects on Track and on Time: Solutions for Mastering Complex Technology Challenges

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News Release

Wind River Recognized as Global Embedded Leader

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Medical Devices
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June 7–8, 2012
San Diego, CA

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June 18–21, 2012
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July 3, 2012
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