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Wind River Customers


“The strength of our product line relies upon the trusted VxWorks solution.”

—Chris Osborn, Chief Technology Officer, Ubee-AirWalk

Traffic Unjammed: Wind River Powers Ubee-AirWalk’s Wireless Femtocells

The wireless airwaves are getting congested. Voice, data, apps, video—the traffic keeps growing. One solution: femtocells, small wireless base stations that extend wireless coverage indoors. Ubee-AirWalk has staked out a position as a pioneer in small-cell technology with a number of high-impact products. And one of the key ingredients in its success is the VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS). So when the company set out to develop the first enterprise-grade, code division multiple access (CDMA) femtocell, VxWorks was the logical choice.

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VxWorks Speeds Time-to-Market, Controls Costs

Time-to-market, development costs, and security were critical factors in building the enterprise-grade femtocell. VxWorks provided Ubee-AirWalk with a highly configurable RTOS with a small memory footprint, as well as low real-time and run-time interrupt and scheduling latencies. The VxWorks Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) security stack provided a secure tunnel to protect communications from hacking. Because VxWorks is proven and has earned numerous certifications, Ubee-AirWalk was able to cut development time and control costs. Sprint now offers the femtocell, branded AIRAVE Pro Connect, as one of its in-building solutions addressing the rapid growth of indoor mobile traffic. The femtocell increases coverage and capacity in offices, campuses, government buildings, malls, and other public venues.