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Wind River Customers


“Wind River VxWorks was the right answer. We have dramatically increased our development efficiencies, reduced engineering costs, improved time-to-market, and assured product quality.”

—Barry Xue, Director, Base Platform Department, Corporate Software Department, Huawei

Global Calling: Wind River Advances Huawei’s Vision of a Better Connected World

Huawei’s vision is to “enrich lives through a better connected world.” One of the world’s largest telecom companies, serving carriers, enterprises, and consumers in more than 140 countries, Huawei prides itself on continuous innovation to keep pace with growing global demand for better network performance. That’s why many of its products are built on Wind River® Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks® Edition.

Solutions used by Huawei

Wind River Workbench

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A Standardized Development Platform Cuts Costs and Accelerates Time-to-Market

VxWorks provides a common, standardized software platform that enables Huawei to reduce the cost and time to develop new products. The ability to use the same platform across a broad spectrum of product lines presents significant efficiencies and economies of scale. Huawei also employs Wind River Workbench tools to help develop and debug applications. Huawei’s relationship with Wind River dates back to 1999. Together, the two companies have been at the forefront of the rapid global growth in broadband and mobile communication that has transformed the way the world works.