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Wind River Customers


"Yoga was able to bring our product to market more quickly, reduce our risk, and get ahead of the competition by working with Intel and Wind River and leveraging their secure gateway solution."

- Priit Vimberg, Founder and CEO, Yoga Systems

Home Safe: Yoga Systems Delivers Secure IoT Gateways for Smart Homes and Buildings

Smart homes and buildings are among the more promising opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT). Homeowners will be able to remotely manage and monitor electronic features such as garage doors, security systems, lighting, and appliances. Similarly, building operators can better control lighting, heating and ventilation, building security, and energy consumption. The challenge, however, is that connecting devices via IoT exposes networks to hacking, putting sensitive personal data and property at risk. Yoga Systems, provider of a cloud-based platform for smart homes and buildings, saw that challenge as an opportunity.

Optimizing Security with Wind River

Yoga's goal was to deliver the most secure IoT gateways on the market for connecting to its platform. The company developed a pair of IoT gateways leveraging the Intel® Quark™ SoCX1000 gateway platform, which incorporates Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT. With the Wind River platform, strong security functionality is built in at the operating system level, enabling secure boot and rendering virtually impossible the intrusion of unrecognized, malicious code. This technology gives Yoga a competitive edge in both the consumer and commercial segments; Yoga Tiny is targeted to telecom and cable service providers who want to provide robust smart home capabilities, while Yoga Pro 1 is designed for professionally wired facilities such as industrial plants, telecom base stations, and commercial buildings.