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Wind River - Powering 30 Years of Innovation

For three decades, Wind River has been a pioneer and leader in this world of embedded computing, delivering software that has been at the heart of more than a billion embedded computing devices deployed around the globe.

Wind River has had the honor of collaborating with visionary companies to bring some of the most innovative new technologies to market, in aerospace and defense, communications, industrial control, medical, automotive, and mobile.

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Interactive Timeline: 30 Years of Milestones


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"It's time to roll up your windows."

roll up your windows

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Following Wind River's acquisition of ISI, this commercial was produced in 2001. Describing an elemental new operating systems company, the commercial ends with the line, "It's time to roll up your windows."

NASA X-38 Prototype


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In 2001, VxWorks was chosen for NASA International 01 Space Station's X-38 "lifeboat" spacecraft, an experimental emergency crew return vehicle, or lifeboat, for the International Space Station. In this Techlive segment, Wind River founder Jerry Fiddler discussed the project and why VxWorks was a great fit.

KUKA Robotics


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KUKA has partnered with Wind River for more than 15 years. Dr. Ralf Koeppe, vice president of R&D at KUKA, discusses that partnership and the software foundation Wind River has provided for KUKA products over the years.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

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Northrop Grumman partnered with Wind River to deliver the software platform for the U.S. Navy's X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System demonstration aircraft. Tighe Parmenter, manager of X-47B Navy UCAS business strategy and development, discusses how they relied on Wind River and the X-47B Joint Industry Team (JIT) to deliver this system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "It has been a really very positive experience working with Wind River. They delivered what they have promised. It's a professional team. And I also have a good personal relationship with the guys … they are good and easy to work with."
    Markus Appel, CEO, Aava Mobile
  • "My overall experience working with Wind River has been excellent. They have been a wonderful team to work with."
    Mansour Bagherzadeh, Engineering Manager, Infinite Computer Solutions
  • "The value of doing business with Wind River is reduced risk and flexibility."
    Orly Nicklass, Vice President of Research and Development, RADVISION
  • "By using Wind River, we have been able to reduce cost and accelerate time to the market."
    Hiroyuki Watanabe, General Manager, Network Platform Development Division/ Carrier Network Business Unit, NEC
  • "Our overall experience with Wind River is very positive. They help us with new technology and help us in aligning our road maps together to bring out very successful products to our customers."
    Karl-Friedrich Rauterberg, Vice President of Development Automation Systems, Bosch Rexroth
  • "Wind River helps us free up our staff by providing us with some of the best COTS products available in the market today."
    Ian Anderson, Head of Software Engineering, Selex Galileo
  • "We find Wind River to be a very responsive company with respect to whether we are working with technical consultants on specific project issues or having discussions with more senior management on strategic direction."
    Ian Anderson, Head of Software Engineering, Selex Galileo

  • "We see Wind River as an important part of the way that we need to adapt to and meet the needs from our customers."
    Henrik Ibsen, Vice President, Research Development and Engineering Airborne Systems, TERMA
  • "We think that we have a bright future with Wind River and we are very excited to keep this good relationship."
    Thierry Rouquet, CEO, Arkoon
  • "We chose Wind River because of their strong reputation in the industry and their enabling technologies such as the platform for Android and the FAST product."
    Kevin Gould, General Manager, Avaya
  • "Our overall experience working with Wind River and what I think makes them unique, is the unprecedented level of support, and that comes from our local technical representatives, to Wind River headquarters, to any of their worldwide offices."
    Rick Kephart, Director, Research and Development, Emerson Process Management
  • "Wind River and Airvana have been business partners for over a decade and have developed a very strong business relationship."
    Sanjeev Verma, Co-founder, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Airvana
  • "Our experience working with Wind River has just been excellent. Wind River has been flexible, innovative, and most importantly they've made sure the resources were available when we needed them and where we needed them."
    Kevin Gould, General Manager, Avaya
  • "My experience is that Wind River is a reliable partner delivering the right technology at the right time."
    Ralf Koeppe, Vice President, Research and Development, KUKA

  • "Only Wind River was able to deliver a mature multicore solution, a locally based global support and services organization, and a clearly defined roadmap, including critical support for RMI Corporation's XLR semiconductors. With the commercial-grade solution from Wind River, we have dramatically increased our development efficiencies and improved time-to-market."
    Deng Fan, Vice President, QQ Technology
  • "With the commercial-grade solution from Wind River, we have dramatically increased our development efficiencies, reduced engineering costs, improved time-to-market, and assured product quality,"
    Barry Xue, Director, Base Platform Department, Corporate Software Department, Huawei
  • "Wind River partnered with us to make the Avaya Flare product a reality. We were able to minimize our risk and accelerate our time to market."
    Kevin Gould, General Manager, Avaya
  • "The Wind River team has shown us the difference between just developing products versus creating top-tier, industry-leading solutions."
    Eyal Elhayany, Vice President of Research and Development, Shiron Satellite Communications
  • "It's a daily challenge to produce products fast enough to make the market window without sacrificing our high-quality standards. We work in a very complicated, risky market space—and Wind River helps us navigate the challenges and succeed."
    Yossi Bar-Sheshet, Director, Software, Corrigent
  • "We have significantly accelerated our customers' time-to-market with Wind River–based solutions. Products that used to take our customers 12 to 18 months to develop are now taking four to six months."
    Doron Tal, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management, BroadLight Systems
  • "We chose to work with Wind River based on the history that we have with the company. I've used Wind River as a technology partner for well over a decade and have had great success. I know I can trust Wind River."
    Kevin Gould, General Manager, Avaya

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