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Introducing Wind River Simics 4.6

Debug Systems Faster.
Collaborate More Efficiently.

Debugging Faster Was Never Easier

Imagine the power to debug the software of your complete system in one environment, even if your system is comprised of multiple boards with differing target architectures, running different operating systems. With integrated source code system debugging and operating system awareness, that's what Wind River Simics 4.6 offers.

Collaboration Done Right

Imagine if your team in France found a bug and could take a snapshot of the full system state along with their notes about what led to the failure and then could email you that snapshot. Within minutes of them finding the failure, you could open up the snapshot, determine the exact hardware configuration that the test was run on, load it into Simics, and resume executing right where the French team left off finding the source of the bug.

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On-demand Web Seminar
Speed Development and Empower Your Team with Wind River Simics 4.6

Join us for an informative web seminar on how the new features in Simics 4.6 will help you build your embedded systems faster and collaborate better with the rest of your product team. View now.



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