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Simics virtual platform lets you define, develop, and deploy your products

Wind River Simics is a fast, functionally accurate, full-system simulator. Simics creates a high-performance virtual environment in which any electronic system—from a single board to complex, heterogeneous, multi-board, multiprocessor, multi-core systems—can be defined, developed, and deployed. Using Simics, software developers can execute and debug their target software stack, from hypervisor to application.

Simics enables companies to adopt new approaches to the product development life cycle, resulting in dramatic reduction in project risks, time-to-market, and development costs, while also improving product quality and engineering efficiency. Simics allows engineering, integration, and test teams to use approaches and techniques that are simply not possible on physical hardware.

Primary New Features in 4.4

  • Wind River Simics Analyzer helps customers analyze and better understand the heterogeneous aspect of their designs and offers a graphical timeline with execution details of "what process runs where and when" for a complete software application stack. This is particularly useful for tracking multi-core development and applications spanning multiple CPU architectures or multiple operating systems. It supports VxWorks and Wind River Linux as well as other third-party real-time operating systems (RTOS).
  • Wind River Simics Extension Builder helps developers to build profiling tools and other specialized analysis tools and data collections. It also provides a well-defined interface to the Simics simulator and allows developers to extend Simics with custom functionality (plug-ins) and connect Simics into additional workflows and enterprise tooling environments.
  • Expanded support for running multiple models in parallel, including C, C++, SystemC, and DML, makes Simics a simulation framework well-suited for heterogeneous designs that can simulate foreign models not originally written for Simics.


Wind River Simics Overview