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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with the interoperability you want,
and the performance and reliability you need

The need for interoperability and the desire to avoid vendor lock-in are driving the industry toward "open" solutions for NFV. But the level of availability and performance required by the telecommunications industry introduces some unique challenges when considering an open NFV strategy, which is why we developed Wind River® Titanium Cloud. On this page we've assembled some insights to help you realize the promise of an open solution, while also meeting the unique demands of a telecommunications network.

Open Survey

We teamed with OPNFV and TelecomTV to survey the industry and better
understand Openness. The results were very interesting.

View the survey report

Building an open NFV solution?
Here are seven things you should consider first.

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Open Source NFV Doesn't Mean Cookie-Cutter NFV

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Yes, you can beat your NFV competitors to market while still leveraging open source

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Will OPNFV become the de facto standard for NFV compatibility?

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Titanium Cloud Ecosystem

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Titanium Cloud Platform

Learn more about Titanium Cloud, our open-standards-based, NFV software solution built specifically for telecommunications

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