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Extend Debug and Architecture Support for Embedded Virtualization

Device manufacturers are adopting embedded virtualization as a means to increase margins by reducing component and systems costs through consolidation, dynamic scalability, and decreased power consumption while maintaining the performance reliability characteristics associated with embedded devices. With the latest release of our hypervisor, Wind River extends these capabilities across a wide selection of operating systems and architectures.

Guest OS Communications
Virtualized applications and multiple operating systems within an embedded device need to communicate among themselves to offer the complete functionality of the device. With an internal Ethernet switch, Wind River Hypervisor offers standards-based communications and network adapters for virtual machines, allowing you to build connected or isolated networks internal to the virtualized platform. For high-performance applications, Wind River Hypervisor offers a high-speed, zero-copy, socket-based communications infrastructure.

Virtualization-aware Build and Debug Tools
Debuggers today work very well with single-OS images. Building a multi-OS virtualized platform requires a toolset that is integrated with, and aware of, the hypervisor, the guest operating systems, and the hardware being virtualized. Only Wind River offers a complete build/test/debug environment that is fully integrated with Linux, VxWorks, and hypervisor and lets the developers symbolically debug applications in multiple operating systems while graphically ensuring that system configuration is accurate.

Dynamic and Scalable Response to Application Demand
Devices and equipment with statically defined application instances cannot respond to changes in application demand in a timely manner. Vendor equipment cannot meet peaks in demand or achieve increased power savings with statically defined application configuration. Only Wind River Hypervisor provides the ability to dynamically create, delete, or migrate virtual machines and applications across CPU cores during the run-time of the device, to scale to application load or to achieve increased power savings.

The Key to System Performance and Consolidation
Virtualization reduces system complexity and cost, while increasing performance. Join us to learn the business benefits of multi-OS consolidation and the case for an innovative approach and framework. Register Now to attend this web seminar.


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