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Wind River Hypervisor: Consolidate to multi-core and blow away your requirements for performance, cost, size, and power.

Introducing Hypervisor 2.0

Wind River Hypervisor is a type 1 embedded hypervisor that facilitates consolidation to multi-core processors. It's built from the ground up for low latency, determinism, and multi-core performance—all in the smallest possible footprint. The latest release adds enhancements to Wind River’s VxWorks safety solutions with safe and secure partitioning.

Safe and Secure Partitioning for Industrial Applications
Increased safety and security regulations result in more embedded devices being subject to rigorous and expensive certification processes in order to comply with standards. Safe and secure partitioning enables many valuable usage scenarios across regulated industries like energy, automation, transportation and medical market segments. The safe and secure partitioning capability is designed and implemented for safety certification and decoupling the lifecycle of certified and non-certified applications. This provides the option for increased innovation of the non-certified applications and reduces ongoing system certification costs while enabling the benefits of consolidation such as reduced device size, weight, and power consumption.

Additional Operating System Support
Wind River Hypervisor now supports Windows 7, Red Hat Linux, and other unmodified guests in symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and 64-bit mode.

Shared Graphics for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems
Wind River Hypervisor now supports high-performance device sharing, including shared access to 3D-accelerated graphics hardware among multiple guest operating systems. Automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems can “sandbox” safety-regulated platforms such as a Linux-based GENIVI-compliant partition (such as Wind River Platform for Infotainment) from an open Linux partition while both operating systems share the same display. This would allow a driver to download content and applications without subjecting this content to rigorous safety testing. Additionally, real-time driver-assist capabilities or vehicle bus interfaces can co-exist with the Linux partitions, providing further opportunities to both innovate and reduce the hardware costs of IVI systems.


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