Wind River Helix Device Cloud

Remote Device Lifecycle Management for Your IoT Devices

Wind River® Helix Device Cloud makes it easy for organizations to meet the challenges of device lifecycle management and reduce the complexity of maintaining large-scale device deployments in the Internet of Things (IoT).

With Device Cloud, build device management capabilities right into your IoT infrastructure and overcome the challenge of maintaining and monitoring critical IoT devices throughout their lifecycle. Reduce development costs, accelerate deployment timelines, and free resources up to work on business-specific features.

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Managing the Device Lifecycle from Deployment Through End of Life

Device Cloud enables operators to safely and securely monitor, manage, service, and update devices in the field. Device Cloud automatically collects and integrates data from hundreds or thousands of devices, machines, and systems—enabling operators to track device status and content, share data, and proactively determine when updates are needed.

With Device Cloud, organizations can:

Keep mission-critical IoT devices fully operational
Remotely diagnose and repair IoT devices
Push new software updates to remote devices
Monitor all devices from a central dashboard
Integrate device health data with enterprise systems

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What Is Device Cloud?

Turn Your IoT Data Into Your Competitive Advantage

Boost Operational Visibility

Easily see what’s happening across your IoT devices.

Gain Business Insights

Mix and match data sources to gain new insights into your operations.

Access New Revenue Streams

Create services based on combinations of internal and external data.

Reduce Development Timelines

Save time and resources with pre-built device management capabilities.

Avoid Downtime

Get immediate notification of IoT device or system issues.

Avoid Truck Rolls

Remotely troubleshoot, patch, and update one or thousands of devices.

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