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Security in Embedded Systems: An Opportunity for Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Steps to Improving Security
in Embedded Devices

Headline-grabbing security breaches underscore the need for stronger protective measures in critical embedded systems, particularly those that control vital infrastructure, industrial operations, intelligence and defense networks, and even medical devices.

While security breaches have been occurring for many years, in today's increasingly interconnected world they are becoming more prevalent with escalating complexity challenges. How can embedded device developers balance the need for tighter security with competing business and market demands, especially given the realities of strict budget constraints and aggressive deadlines?

What's needed is a whole product life cycle approach—from design and inception, through development and testing, to delivery and maintenance—for building additional security assurance into embedded devices. Wind River can help you cut development time frames and costs, mitigate overall security risks, and transform security from a threat into an opportunity for competitive advantage.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense system, program, and mission requirements demand high and medium assurance solutions delivering open, standards-based, flexible, future-proof embedded security capability.


Medical devices require a platform approach to security. Implementing security measures at all layers of the software stack, including the application layer, enables manufacturers to address security issues, threats, and exploits proactively, cutting total development costs substantially.


Automobiles are the epitome of the convergence of a safe and secure machine with the creature comforts of an entertainment system. In automobiles, security requirements mandate the preservation of safe vehicle control with added protection against malware penetration from emerging multimedia and connectivity capabilities.


Security must be deeply embedded within industrial systems to provide maximum protection and meet the number of architectural challenges posed by known and unknown threats.


Highly reliable and secure network elements are the core of the global communications infrastructure. Our daily lives, commerce, and our safety rely on impenetrable communications systems that enable security assurances at multiple touch points throughout the network.

Mobile Devices

Connected mobile devices are the starting point for security vulnerabilities. Incoming and outgoing communications and data have unique security requirements that require operating system assurance that keeps basic functionality up and running and protected from malware.

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