Realize the Promise of Multi-core

Cut Cost, Decrease Risk, Maximize Quality

Multi-core and virtualization are changing the way devices are architected and developed. Properly implemented, multi-core technologies will help you realize technology and business trends including the frequency ceiling; multi-core for hardware offload; consolidation of multiprocessor systems to multi-core; hypervisor adoption in the embedded market; and use cases to help achieve performance objectives, convergence with more functionality in any given device, and higher security and safety for certified systems.

Multi-core development is very different from single core development—and there's no single solution for all multicore use cases. To succeed, you need a choice of run-time configurations and tools to help your application run efficiently, and you need these tools and run-times to be well-integrated—not only with each other but also with your specific silicon.

With a well-planned multicore solution, you can open new doors to cost savings, improved device functionality, increased reliability, and reduced risk for your next-generation embedded devices. Fulfill the promise of multicore with the Wind River multi-core software solution.


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