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Get Ready to Conquer the Next Android Frontier

Beyond the smartphone, Android is finding its way into in-vehicle infotainment systems, medical tablets, aerospace and defense platforms, and other devices that can benefit from Android's rich graphical user interface and multitude of applications. These new markets take Android into specialized environments demanding much higher levels of security and robustness than it's ever needed before. In this context, choosing the right operating system is only a beginning; the true key to deployment success is the value added above the operating system.

As Android proliferates into devices of all types, a new wave of development risks and challenges emerges: How will you secure your product? Can you leverage your existing intellectual property alongside Android? How can you extend Android's functionality to round out your product's capabilities? How will you architect and scale your Android investment across product lines? And will you be able to achieve the product quality customers expect?

If you have Android questions, Wind River® has the answers. Our team of technical experts has deep Android and embedded systems experience. We've helped thousands of customers design, develop, and successfully deploy over a billion devices around the world.


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Securing Android

Wind River has combined our experience in commercial Android with our extensive capabilities in certified secure embedded systems to develop advanced security capabilities for Android platforms. Our secure Android solutions comprise software, tools, and services delivering the following capabilities:


Accelerating Time-to-Market

Wind River has developed Android run-time solutions and services to help get your Android-based product to market faster, including the following:






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