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Novachips Co. Ltd

Novachips, SSD solution provider, has been cooperating with worldwide industrial/military SSD vendors, and recently launching unique super-capacity 2.5inch 8TB PCIe/SATA Hyper-Link SSD. Lots of customers from various applications are interested in this super capacity SSD solution, and we found that almost our customers are using Linux or VxWorks as OS.

Hyper-Link SSD: Super-density solid-state drives (SSDs) for VxWorks mission-critical applications

Hyper-Link SSD is the ideal storage solution for various applications needing large data storage solutions in a limited size to store high-quality images, precise 3D maps, and system operating records.
Based on a dedicated SSD controller and exclusive Hyper-Link NAND technology, Hyper-Link SSD exceeds the capacity limit of standard SSDs, with a 2.5-inch 8-TB version now, and 16-TB next year. Its combination of sorted memory components, durable mechanical design, and field-proven firmware can guarantee operating reliability even in the harshest and most rugged operating environments.
Special features for encryption and military purging address data security concerns.
Hyper-Link SSD is the best data storage partner for VxWorks in mission-critical applications.
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  • World-leading super-density flash storage SSD
  • Reliable operation for rugged applications
  • Data security features

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Novachips Co. Ltd
E-809, 700 Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 13516

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Aerospace & Defense

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