Do the Math

  • How will 525 minutes of downtime impact your business?
  • Can you afford $11K lost revenue per minute per server?
  • Can you really afford using an IT virtualization solution?

Wind River Titanium Server


More Reliable

Than Enterprise Implementations


IT-based technologies were not designed for the rigorous demands of the carrier network. IT reliability is usually measured in terms of two 9s or three 9s, whereas five 9s and six 9s are required in the carrier market.

  • Carrier grade availability and reliability; improved node and VM failure detection over IT solutions
  • Fast, secure VM failover (50–100x faster than IT virtualization)
  • Improved security with VM protection groups—not available in IT solutions
  • 40x better interrupt and timer latency performance than IT
  • More than 50% less expensive than IT solutions
  • Live migration with less than 500 ms of network downtime

500% Better

Price and Performance

Than IT Implementations

Open and Scalable

  • Open source Yocto Project Linux at the core
  • Based on OpenStack with carrier grade plugins
  • Open APIs for provisioning and management
  • Enables thousands of virtual machines
  • Built-in packet acceleration across virtual machines
  • Network intelligence through deep packet inspection
  • Efficient traffic shaping and management on VMs

Network Intelligence

Intelligence When and Where You Need It