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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization Profile for VxWorks Product Overview

Wind River Open Virtualization Product Overview

Wind River Titanium Server Product Overview

Enhancing Intelligence in the 'Internet of Things'
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For years, virtualization has been widely utilized in the IT and enterprise domains because of the benefits it offers, including reduced costs, increased flexibility, and security and reliability simultaneously. Manufacturers of embedded applications are now leveraging virtualization solutions for a variety of use cases, from modernizing aerospace applications to new industrial and consumer products spawned by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Wind River® offers a broad range of virtualization solutions empowering leading manufacturers to build new offerings and best meet their embedded virtualization needs.

Virtualization Profile for VxWorks

For device manufacturers who need a future-proof architecture that can adapt and evolve to meet changing market requirements, customer needs, and technology advancements, Virtualization Profile for VxWorks® extends the scalability capabilities of VxWorks by integrating a real-time, embedded Type 1 hypervisor into its core.
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Wind River Open Virtualization

Wind River Open Virtualization is the first open source virtualization product that supports hardware consolidation with extremely low latency and high throughput running on industry-standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. It is a Type 2 hypervisor based on enhanced Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology providing near-native hardware performance results.
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Wind River Titanium Server

Wind River Titanium Server is the industry’s first fully integrated and feature-complete network functions virtualization (NFV) software platform. Titanium Server enables an NFV infrastructure to achieve the ultra-reliability and high performance mandated for telecom networks. It delivers six 9s (99.9999%) reliability—compared to three 9s for virtualized platforms based on common enterprise software designed for IT. Based on open source and open industry standards, but with the carrier grade extensions required, Titanium Server is the only commercial server solution enabling service providers to maintain the rigorous uptime required as networks transition to a virtualized infrastructure. With Titanium Server, service providers can now meet the “always on” expectations of consumers.
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Benefits of Virtualization

Realize the benefits of embedded virtualization while maintaining complete on-board device-level control and the demanding real-time requirements of your designs.

Wind River is the global leader of embedded virtualization and multi-core development portfolios, and we provide our customers with complete solutions for projects where connectivity, scalability, security, and future-proofing are required while contending with the continual pressure to reduce costs, risks, and time-to-market.

Cost Savings

Reduce capital and operating expenses by implementing application and hardware consolidation, space and power reduction, and improved operational and support efficiencies with software defined networking (SDN) and NFV, two approaches that decouple network functions from hardware through abstraction.
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Reduce the number, size, weight, and power of application-specific devices by consolidating disparate functionality onto common hardware.
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Increase the speed and functionality of your systems while decreasing the power requirements.
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Separation (Safety/Security)

Isolate certified applications from noncertified applications to retain certification levels while extending functionality.
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Migration to new platforms

Migration to New Platforms

Extend existing functionality, leveraging legacy applications and stacks while adding new functionality. Preserve investment in existing products while adding new differentiated features in new isolated application stacks.
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