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Networking and Communications Solutions

Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
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Wind River Application Acceleration Engine Product Overview

Wind River Content Inspection Engine Product Overview

Software-Based Network Intelligence Survey:
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Intelligent Embedded Solutions for All Networks

Faster, smarter, and more secure: Today's highly competitive market landscape demands that your products deliver these three essential requirements for next-generation networking and communications infrastructure products. Whether you’re building a wireless or wired network element, regardless of its physical location in the access, edge, or core, your products must exceed performance expectations, include built-in intelligence to tap into new higher value and revenue-generating services, and have the flexibility and scalability to lower overall total cost of ownership. Wind River® intelligent embedded solutions serve as the foundation for network equipment and communications systems of all kinds.





Networking and Communications Solutions

Solutions for Intelligent Networks

In today’s highly competitive market, network operators are under considerable pressure to deliver more value and services to keep customers satisfied longer and generate more average revenue per user. In many cases, operators turn to their equipment suppliers for intelligent and sophisticated network applications that enable new offerings. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform is the software foundation at the heart of next-generation network elements. The platform is a carrier grade management and data plane run-time solution that accelerates, analyzes, and secures network traffic. Equipment manufacturers use the platform to build high-value, intelligent network applications that enable operators to offer attractive services, deliver better quality of experience, minimize capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), and ultimately be more competitive.

Our Solution

Solutions for High Performance Network Acceleration

The exponential growth in network traffic is creating a need for greater performance throughout the communications infrastructure. Equipment manufacturers are turning to highly optimized, advanced multi-core software and hardware to increase packet throughput for layers 3 and 4, and open new doors for high performance layer 7 network applications. Wind River has a comprehensive network product portfolio designed to take full advantage of the performance and scalability capabilities built in to today’s multi-core processors. If performance is what your product needs, our solutions deliver over 1,000% faster IP forwarding, up to 500% faster UDP or TCP termination, and up to 28x reduction in latency for deep packet inspection pattern matching.

Our Solutions

Solutions for Deep Packet Inspection

Tackle the performance challenge and unlock the potential to add greater value and security to your network product through software. Utilizing a software-based approach to deep packet inspection can provide a cost-effective and scalable solution with the flexibility to evolve with the changing needs of the network. Wind River offers a high performance, software-enabled pattern-matching traffic management/policy control solution for network and security equipment that can scale from small network appliances to large network elements.

Our Solutions

Solutions for Multi-core System Consolidation

Today's advanced multi-core processors combined with optimized embedded software are making it more realistic than ever to consolidate multiple network applications onto a single platform. Wind River offers the most comprehensive portfolio of multi-core run-time software and tools available in the market today. Our VxWorks® and Wind River Linux operating systems offer both SMP and AMP configurations. And both have been tightly integrated with the leading communications processors from Cavium, Freescale, Intel®, and LSI. We also offer a broad set of life cycle development tools that can be used throughout the design, build, and deploy phases—from pre-silicon system simulation, to board bring up, to application development, to application and system testing.

Our Solutions

Solutions for Carrier Grade, Determinism, and Reliability

With the rising complexity in the design of network applications, architecting highly reliable systems with a competitive edge has become an even greater challenge. As engineering teams focus their efforts on new differentiation, they rely on one constant: a stable and proven operating system environment. Wind River is the industry leader of carrier grade run-time solutions for the communications and networking industries. Customers depend on Wind River Carrier Grade Linux and VxWorks operating systems to build and deploy highly reliable, deterministic network elements.

Our Solutions

Solutions for Intel Data Plane Development Kit

The new Intel communications platform is quickly becoming a popular hardware solution for network elements throughout the infrastructure. Its popularity is enhanced with the addition of a set of data plane libraries that help accelerate packet throughput. Wind River offers the industry’s most comprehensive product integration, commercial support, design services, and education courses for Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).

Our Solutions

Technical Issues We Solve

Wind River Portfolio of Networking Solutions

Performance and Throughput

  • Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
  • Wind River Application Acceleration Engine
  • Intel Data Plane Development Kit support, services, and courses

Reliability, Security, and Determinism

  • Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
  • Wind River Linux
  • VxWorks
  • Wind River Test Management

Openness, Flexibility, and Scalability

  • Wind River Intelligent Network Platform
  • Wind River Linux


  • Life cycle tools
  • Multi-core technologies
  • Wind River Professional Services

Developer Efficiency

  • Wind River Workbench and life cycle tools
  • Run-time platforms

Business Issues

Higher Value, Revenue-Generating Capability

In today’s highly competitive networking and communications market, the entire industry ecosystem must find new ways to deliver greater value and generate higher average revenue per user (ARPU). Advanced multi-core technologies such as those offered by Wind River are opening new opportunities to design network applications like deep packet inspection that can evolve into new services and better quality of experience for end users.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

One of the biggest competitive challenges for equipment providers is minimizing the total cost of ownership. This means reducing the time and energy required to integrate and support multiple hardware platforms, software components, and other third-party components. It also means finding new ways to consolidate network applications into one common system that can scale across product lines. Wind River solutions can help.

Faster Time-to-Market

Beating the competition to the market requires engineering teams to focus their efforts on true differentiation rather than time-consuming integration of standard components. Leveraging proven and highly optimized commercial software platforms such as those offered by Wind River can significantly accelerate development schedules and reduce project risk.

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