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A Network Transformation Is Underway

Service providers are starting to deploy flexible and scalable network infrastructures that will allow them to quickly deliver new services to both enterprise and consumer customers. They are also implementing new approaches to reduce operating costs through efficiencies in hardware utilization, network maintenance, labor, and energy consumption.

In response, the industry is adopting leading-edge techniques that utilize network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) solutions to enable greater network flexibility and new cloud services. With NFV and SDN, the industry can now shift away from fixed-function equipment, utilize standard server hardware, and more easily adopt solutions based on open standards.

The network transformation is being driven by software, and Wind River® is leading the way. Our portfolio of open, scalable, carrier grade software products, lifecycle development tools, and professional services are designed to meet the unique six-9s reliability and high performance needs of telecommunications and critical infrastructure networks. We offer the industry’s only comprehensive and commercially supported network virtualization and NFV solutions that scale to fit the needs of your project.


Wind River Advantages

All of the leading network equipment providers worldwide have standardized on one or more software products from Wind River. Equipment providers choose Wind River solutions rather than developing products in-house or using enterprise-class software designed for IT applications for the following reasons:

Use Cases

The Wind River portfolio of networking software products can be used to develop network equipment for many applications. Each software element can be used standalone or combined with other products in the portfolio to build a network solution. Customers use our products to build the following:

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