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Integrated Displays

With more data to present than ever before, instrument clusters and center display units in modern vehicles have become hubs that integrate a variety of information sources, providing critical vehicle information and in-vehicle entertainment at the same time. The design must be flexible, multifunctional, and intuitive to operate to ensure driver safety.

Going digital is an obvious solution to modern requirements for instrument clusters and center displays. But these electronic devices must withstand extreme environmental conditions and still be able to function as designed to alert drivers when necessary. The transition from analog to digital means added complexity, but Wind River® has the innovative solutions you require to deliver on the promise of going digital while keeping costs under control.

Business Issues

HMI Optimization
A good human-machine (HMI) design provides intuitive information delivery without distracting the driver. This goal is becoming more challenging as the complexities of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems grow and there are more and more data and connected devices to be processed and prioritized.
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Multimedia and Graphics Performance
Extensive multimedia and graphics support is key to creating a differentiated user experience and requires seamless integration between software and hardware to deliver on single and multiple screens. Keeping up with increasing demands and supporting them throughout the vehicle life cycle is an ongoing high-priority quest for most Tier 1 suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
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Software and Bus Integration
As vehicle software becomes more complex (modern automobiles require over 10 million lines of code), integrating different systems and ensuring they provide reliable performance becomes more and more challenging. Adding to the difficulty, the automotive industry uses vehicle bus, a specialized internal communications network, to interconnect each component, and uses less common networking protocols like controller area network (CAN). Companies must rely on proven integration and quality release processes to manage these demands.
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology combines driver safety features and location-based services to provide the assistance drivers need to prevent accidents. Lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control are two examples that have already been implemented in some premium vehicles. More systems are coming and will add to the overall complexity of automotive software design.
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