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The military and intelligence markets today demand communication devices with greater functionality and capacity in smaller, lower-power packages and at lower costs for development, acquisition, operation, and technology upgrades. These trends are driving the transition from static, single-use, hardware-based platforms to more flexible and configurable software defined radios (SDRs) and rugged and hardened commercial mobile device platforms that can quickly adapt to new communication environments.

Wind River® is uniquely positioned to offer secure communication operating environments suitable for multiple device requirements—from high assurance SDRs with real-time performance to hardened commercial handsets with secure Android capability.

Use Cases

Secure Mobility

Today's warfighters in theater need information—now. Traditional military radios are simply inadequate to deliver accurate and timely intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data from the wide range of sources to the battlefield in order to enable safe and accurate missions.

Next-generation military communications platforms must be highly adaptable and enable dynamic allocation of spectrum and bandwidth to respond to the rapidly changing military landscape. These devices must leverage the exponential growth in commercial communications capabilities while maintaining security under all conditions.

Wind River is uniquely positioned to provide secure communications solutions for next-generation SDRs as well as hardened commercial device platforms for use in intelligence and battle theaters. In addition to our high assurance VxWorks® RTOS and secure virtualization solutions, we also offer secure capability and support for Linux and Android devices, including enhanced support for SELinux and SE Android.

Network-Centric Operations

Today's national security and defense network infrastructure relies on a consistent and persistent framework for delivering and controlling critical systems with an increasing amount of operational data. But that framework is challenged by new data sources such as the proliferation of unmanned systems contributing bandwidth-hungry surveillance information across wired and wireless infrastructures.

These intelligence, avionics, and defense communications systems need to be both robust and secure. Although Linux is the evolving operating system of choice for network elements, it can pose challenges in more critical systems due to the cost and risk of validating for security with each instance of Linux. Wind River Intelligent Network Platform, powered by Wind River Linux, enables entities building out secure network infrastructure to leverage the vast open source capabilities of Linux in systems where proven security, data integrity, and system access control is required.

Satellite Communications

Satellite communication providers have the daunting task of developing robust platforms existing in harsh space environments and maintainable only via remote access. Learn why one customer, Iridium Communications Inc., chose Wind River Simics® to develop and test new software for a constellation of satellites already in orbit while mitigating risks, lowering costs, and ensuring engineers can "fly what they test and test what they fly."

Radar, Sonar, Signal Processing

Military sensing and tracking systems need to deliver the highest performance at all times. To remain competitive, these radar, sonar, and signaling systems must be architected for rapid technology refresh based on the industry's most advanced multi-core silicon. Your sensing system must continue to adapt against advanced and powerful adversaries. The Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system solves the complex issues for radar, sonar, and signal processing with its high-performance scalability and reliability. Costs are controlled by bringing it all together with comprehensive middleware in an integrated commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. Both Wind River Linux and VxWorks platforms are standards-based to maximize your agility; integrated for high performance on the latest multi-core platforms; scalable to small footprint requirements; and interoperable with multiple IPv6-based network protocol stacks.

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