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Android has become one of the fastest-growing embedded operating systems for its openness, customizable features, and robust ecosystem. But growing competitive pressures make it difficult for many companies to meet time-to-market windows with the differentiated features and quality levels demanded by their customers. Wind River® Professional Services understands these challenges and is dedicated to helping our customers build leading-edge Android-based products in this dynamic and competitive environment. Professional Services delivers a unique mix of embedded, vertical market, and security expertise to develop high quality, differentiated Android-based products. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Android for automotive applications
  • Android BSP development and customization
  • Third-party integrations
  • End-to-end testing and automated tools
  • Android framework modifications and extensions
  • User interface and graphics
  • Android Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) verification
  • Boot time and performance optimization
  • Security and management
  • Long term support and maintenance

Professional Services also creates add-on software modules optimized for the latest Android operating system. The modules fill the gap between the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and real-market requirements. These key features are provided on top of the standard AOSP to fill real-world requirements for building next-generation Android devices. They cover the following:

Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Systems
With its in-depth expertise in Android and automotive software, Wind River helps auto manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers create IVI systems that deliver a user experience in the vehicle comparable to that of a smartphone or a tablet.

iOS Device Connectivity
This add-on provides access and playback of multimedia content from an iOS device when connected by USB or Bluetooth to an Android or Linux-based host system such as a car’s IVI system or fitness equipment control panel.

Firmware Management
Wind River offers a secure firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) solution for updating firmware or applications on in-market Android devices with fault tolerance protection.

This add-on allows multiple applications to be displayed simultaneously in different user experience styles, including split screen, picture-in-picture, and desktop windows.

Fast Boot
Hyperboot reduces the device startup time through several optimization methods including Android Package Manager customizations, resuming from suspended system state, and driver performance optimizations.

Media Center
Wind River has implemented Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) interoperability, allowing users to easily find, store, view, and play digital content located on DLNA devices.

Security Enhanced (SE) Android
Wind River provides SE Android enhancements to remove vulnerabilities and add more specialized policy control to the SE Android released by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Data/Application Persona Separation
Wind River provides a lightweight partitioning application and user data security isolation for multiple domains or personas with strong disk encryption and customizable policy restrictions.

Secure Boot
Secure Boot verifies each stage of the boot process through a chain of trust and only allows authenticated software to be executed, preventing malicious code from being run without impacting performance.

Android Solutions and Services

Android Solutions and Services

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