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Wind River Simics
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Wind River Simics
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Wind River Simics for
Software Development

Go Ahead—Break All the Rules

And Accelerate Every Phase of Development

Imagine the impact to your project timelines if you could freeze, save, email, and restore the whole system (software and hardware); view and modify every device, register, or memory location; and run the whole system in reverse to find the source of a bug. And imagine if you could provide your entire teams with ubiquitous access to target hardware to start integration and testing earlier—before physical hardware is even available.

Wind River® Simics® simulates systems—from the smallest to the most complex—so you can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware. These new development techniques accelerate every phase of your development lifecycle, dramatically reducing the risk of shipping late, overrunning budget, and sacrificing quality.

Wind River Simics compresses the traditional product lifecycle by unlocking new development techniques

Dream It. Simulate It. Validate It.

Considering multiple hardware and software configuration options? Wondering how best to partition software functions on your new hardware? Use Simics to prototype your system (hardware and software) virtually to learn with precision which best suits your specifications.

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Game-Changing Debugging Techniques

Take control of your platform in ways that are simply impossible with physical hardware: Freeze it, save it, restore it, and run it again as if you'd never stopped it. Run it forward and backward, over and over again, with the exact same behavior. With this level of control it takes only a trivial amount of effort to isolate and reproduce bugs.

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Progressive System Integration

Put virtual target systems in the hands of your whole team and begin integration and testing before physical hardware is available, addressing the riskiest portions of the project first and avoiding the risk of critical defects appearing late in the project lifecycle.

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Simics: See It in Action

Ubiquitous Access to Target Hardware

Develop Concurrently Without Hardware Delays

With virtual target platforms on every engineer's desk, your engineers will never again be idle while they wait for limited hardware units to free up. And with virtual hardware systems, you can bring up, develop, and integrate your system before physical hardware is available, increasing the concurrency of your development.

Arm Your Sales Team

With Simics, you'll put a virtual demo in the hands of every member of your sales team so they can close business earlier than ever before—no more slide ware.

Support and Train Your Customers

Support your customers more effectively by simulating their environment perfectly to reproduce issues and seamlessly pass them to the software engineering team for resolution. And because hardware cost is no longer an issue, you'll be able to train your customers with virtual target systems that scale to their training needs.

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