Key features and functionality include the following:

VxWorks API Conformance
Wind River® VxWorks® Cert Platform includes more than 240 VxWorks 6.x application programming interfaces (APIs), selected for exact compliance to safety certification standards. This common set of API calls has substantial functionality, including cache, clock, event flag, interrupt, memory management, message queue, ring buffer, semaphore, signal, and task management, along with a wide array of C library functions.

DO-178 Level A Certification Evidence
Once development is complete, the Wind River certification evidence DVD can be used to build and test the final software system for certification. This DVD contains all required source, binary, and documentation to support DO-178B Level A, B, C, or D certification of the operating system. The certification evidence is delivered as a complete package on a DVD in an advanced, hyperlinked format for easy navigation and traceability, an advantage over systems that require expensive, time-consuming certification services.

IEC 61508 Certification Evidence
VxWorks Cert Platform is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive set of certification artifacts, which supports all IEC 61508 SIL3 requirements. A fully hyperlinked DVD enables rapid traceability analysis of certification data, including the requirements, design, source code, binary code, and test case phases, using a simple browser. With this certification evidence DVD, it is no longer necessary to review piles of printed and individual computer-based certification artifacts. The DVD contains the VxWorks Cert Platform Safety Manual and all required IEC 61508 SIL3 documentation. The certification package also includes the TÜV certificate for VxWorks Cert Platform.

Wind River Workbench Development Suite
VxWorks Cert Platform includes the award-winning Wind River Workbench development suite, an Eclipse-based collection of tools designed to accelerate time-to-market for developers building devices with VxWorks real-time operating systems. From hardware and board initialization to application development, Workbench offers deep capability across the development process in a single environment, with complete platform integration, including powerful tools for debugging, code analysis, and test. It can be extended through in-house, third-party, open source, and commercial plug-ins. In addition to the Workbench Eclipse-based environment, VxWorks Cert Platform provides a full-featured command-line build system and debugging tools for developers who prefer this type of environment. These command-line tools can be easily integrated into a customized build system. The Workbench development environment helps reduce development costs and manage code complexity, eases tool integration, and enables standardization on a common development foundation across the enterprise.

Wind River Certified Network Stack
This optional embedded TCP/UDP/IPv4 network stack can be used in conjunction with VxWorks Cert Platform for safety critical systems. Certified Network Stack has a complete set of certification evidence, suitable for DO-178B certifications at the highest level (Level A) and for IEC 61508 SIL3.

Wind River HRFS
Wind River HRFS (Highly Reliable File System; available for Intel® Architecture only) is a fail-safe kernel-mode file system capable of supporting large files over 4GB in size.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem
To ensure integrated technologies, Wind River has established the embedded industry's widest-ranging partner ecosystem, joining forces with leading hardware and software providers to address such technologies as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) boards, system modeling tools, control design tools, test tools, certification services, and platform simulation applications.


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