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Introducing Wind River Application Acceleration Engine

With the growing number of connected devices, network operators face two huge challenges:


Increase performance and find efficient and scalable ways to handle the explosion in network traffic.


Expand network services to achieve higher average revenue per user (ARPU).

Conquer the performance challenges and open the door to a world of new services with Wind River® Application Acceleration Engine.

Application Acceleration Engine is a comprehensive, optimized network stack designed for the acceleration of layer 3 and 4 network protocols and the applications that run above them. With Application Acceleration Engine, network applications of all kinds, both legacy and next generation, can significantly improve performance and enable a number of new, high-value, and extremely intelligent network services. Application Acceleration Engine is a key component of Wind River Intelligent Network Platform.

Wind River Application Acceleration Engine


Wind River Application Acceleration Engine works in the data plane in conjunction with Linux. It has been fine-tuned for Intel® multi-core processors and communications platforms. Application Acceleration Engine builds on the performance of Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) to accelerate networking applications of all kinds, and security components such as deep packet inspection (DPI) and virtual private network (VPN) technologies. It includes the following features:



Wind River Application Acceleration Engine has been extensively integrated and optimized with Intel's multi-core processors, communications platform, and Intel DPDK. These optimizations are generating significant performance advantages over standard Linux network stack benchmarks. The following are examples of the performance gains:

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