Key Features

VxWorks RTOS

The industry's leading embedded operating system is ideally suited for devices requiring a proven, highly scalable, hard real-time, deterministic run-time environment. The platform includes full 64-bit processing support, comprehensive multi-core support (both AMP and SMP), and a networking stack that features Wind River® Advanced Networking Technologies, enhanced memory protection, error management, and POSIX compliance. The latest edition is also backward-compatible with earlier versions of VxWorks®, allowing customers to leverage existing and legacy software assets.

Advanced Industrial Connectivity

The platform provides drivers and protocols for connected devices on the factory floor, wireless peripherals, and other devices within the network infrastructure. Support includes CAN, DCOM, OPC, USB, Wi-Fi, and IPv4/IPv6. Partner integrations are available for other connectivity protocols.

Networking, Wireless, and Security Support

The platform integrates Wind River Advanced Networking Technologies, an extensive portfolio of networking and security protocols to protect network data. This portfolio provides implementations of IPsec and IKE, firewall and NAT, RADIUS client, 802.11i wireless security, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and digital certificates. It also provides support for wireless and mobility applications. These protocols can be used in any combination to provide secure applications that require access control, authentication, or privacy.

Wind River Workbench

An integrated development suite based on an Eclipse framework, Workbench provides deep capabilities that support the entire development life cycle, from hardware bring-up to product test and manufacture, and enables standardization on one common development suite across the enterprise. Workbench is extensible and scalable, allowing suppliers to meet specific project needs, and it can seamlessly integrate hundreds of third-party plug-ins.

Extensive Partner Technologies

To ensure a complete range of integrated technologies, Wind River has established the embedded software industry's widest-ranging partner ecosystem, joining forces with leading hardware and software providers to address such technologies as speech recognition and text-to-speech, Java, advanced graphics capabilities, Bluetooth, and IEEE 1394.

Wind River VxWorks Platforms
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Wind River VxWorks Platforms
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