Pre-validated Partner Technologies Add up to a Complete Standards-Based Solution

Digital Living Network Alliance
Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) provides a standard that allows different devices to transmit multimedia content within a network. It is frequently used in consumer devices. In Wind River® Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile the included DLNA software development kit (SDK) is DigiON's DiXiM stack, which includes a DiXiM Media Server (DMS) application.
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Java Virtual Machine
The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) included in Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile is Skelmir's CEE-J VM. It is a small-memory-footprint, fast-performing, clean-room virtual machine with optional advanced graphics support.
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OSGi Platform
The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGi) is a framework that provides a component model. Applications are delivered as bundles, which are then run within a JVM. In Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile, the OSGi platform is Makewave's Knoplerfish Pro, which is an OSGi R4 v4.2–compliant service platform. It includes service bundles for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and mobile management.
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TR-069 is a specification for remote management of deployed devices. It is typically used in wired customer premises equipment (CPE) devices. The TR-069 agent included in Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile is One Agent TR for CPE from Works Systems. This agent runs on the deployed device and provides a management channel for a centralized management console.
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Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile includes an a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to develop OSGi-based home automation software components. It is implemented with the Prosyst mBS Smart Home SDK, which provides interfaces for UPnP, Z-Wave, and ZigBee.
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Board support packages (BSPs) fully and deeply support all peripherals enabled in the chipsets: Cavium Networks ECONA CNS3XXX and Mindspeed Comcerto M83xxx.
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