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Product Spotlight

Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile Product Overview

Our Turnkey Solution for Your High-Speed, Low-Margin Market

On-demand entertainment. Productivity. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Wired and wireless broadband services. Surveillance. Home automation. All things networked converge in the home.

In the next-generation home gateway market, three things are certain:

Wind River® Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile brings original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in this fast-evolving market the ease of configuration, manageability, and extensibility that consumers expect and operators must have to survive.

Built on Wind River Linux, Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile pre-integrates and validates all the key middleware OEMs need to rapidly prototype and produce highly differentiated smart-services gateways at competitive costs.

Typical residential profile deployment

A Pre-integrated Reference Platform Saves
Time and Money

As a turnkey solution provider, Wind River chooses, integrates, manages, and supports key independent software vendor (ISV) technologies. We select, optimize, and test the open source packages needed to create a robust and extensible residential gateway. You can choose one or more middleware software components and customize the stack for your specific device. Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile provides a configuration profile to create a residential gateway software stack out of the box.

Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile

Pre-validated Partner Technologies Add up
to a Complete Standards-Based Solution

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Keep Pace with the Growing Demand for
Smart Services to the Home

The typical use case for Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile is a residential broadband gateway CPE connected to a broadband network. In this application, a gateway device routes many different services through one consolidated system.

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Lower Cost, Shorter Time-to-Market,
and World-Class Support Add up to
Competitive Advantage



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When Only a Commercial-Grade Platform
Will Do

Linux has emerged as the platform of choice for residential gateways. But OEMs and operators need both the time-to-market savings and the business value of a commercial Linux solution.

See why some of the world's most successful businesses put their trust in Wind River Linux.

Since 2004, Wind River Linux platforms have delivered the best of open source technology, integrated and optimized for embedded development, with the vision, the innovation, and the business-risk mitigation only a mature technology vendor can provide. Our customers use our platforms to create groundbreaking devices quickly and cost effectively.

Here are the top nine reasons our customers choose Wind River Linux over commercial and roll-your-own alternatives.

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Wind River, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), is a world leader in embedded and mobile software. Wind River has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981 and its technology is found in more than 500 million products

Run-time: Jump-start your device development

  • More than 550 packages, pre-integrated and optimized for embedded devices
  • Preconfigured, industry-specific profiles
  • Real-time and virtualization
  • Small footprint, fast boot, and power management
  • Multi-core optimization
  • Powerful, intuitive build system for complex development environments and streamlined workflow
  • Tests on more than 60 board support packages (BSPs)

Tools: Choose the best for each life-cycle phase

  • Eclipse-based development environment
  • Embraced, extended, and optimized open source tools for embedded development
  • Profiling and analysis
  • Debugging and cross-compiling
  • Source configuration management
  • Hardware simulation and test automation
  • Multi-core enablement
  • Command-line support
  • Real-time and virtualization

Services: Get deep Linux expertise that meets your project budget

  • Assessment
  • Consulting
  • Installation and integration
  • Training (onsite or online)
  • Customization
  • Roadmap acceleration
  • Distribution maintenance

Certifications and standards:
Create trusted devices

  • Carrier Grade Linux 5 (availability, reliability, scalability)
  • Linux Standard Base 4 (application portability and open APIs)
  • Full SELinux implementation
  • Open standards compliance, frequent upstream contributions
  • IPv6 (essential for connected devices)
  • EAL4+ for medium to high security; FIPS 140-2 (secure cryptography), FDA Level 2
  • U.S. export regulations

Risk mitigation: Protect your business investment and intellectual property

  • Examination of licensing issues—16 man-months per major release of every open source package
  • More than 1,600 pages of license documentation with each major release
  • 100,00 hours of test and QA per release
  • Dedicated engineers monitoring and addressing security alerts around the clock
  • Expert guidance in open source licensing best practices

Support: Assure device quality and customer satisfaction

  • Multilingual worldwide coverage
  • Six support centers, 20 hubs
  • More than 150 support engineers
  • Choice of standard, premium, or long-term levels of support
  • Service Capability and Performance (SCP) certification
  • Online developer community
  • Support you need, when you need it

Life cycle: Maintain device quality and currency over time

  • Five years of bug and security fixes, for an estimated cost savings to the customer of about $400K per year
  • Predictable roadmap and major release cycle
  • Free service packs and product updates for customers with current support subscriptions
  • Migration support across releases

Ecosystem: Save time and money up and down the stack

  • Industry-leading portfolio of semiconductor and board partners
  • Independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships
  • Out-of-the-box integration and support for semi and middleware partner products
  • Optimized vertical solutions
  • Consortia leadership and innovation
  • More than 200 Linux engineers making frequent upstream contributions

Portfolio: Leverage multi-core and
multi-OS solutions

  • Wind River Network Acceleration Platform
    (linear performance scalability)
  • Wind River Hypervisor (multi-core and virtualization)
  • Multiple independent levels of security
    (top secret and mission data)
  • Wind River Simics (advanced hardware simulation)
  • VxWorks (robust real-time operating system)