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Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Connectivity
Product Overview

Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android, Automotive Product Overview

Wind River Solution Accelerator for Android,
User Experience Product Overview

Stay Connected All the Time

Staying connected to people, devices, and the data that matters most is one of the biggest advantages of owning a smart mobile device. No matter where the device goes, end users expect to have the connectivity they need to access their content and services of choice.

Android is quickly becoming the software platform for the next generation of connected devices. But with the many different connectivity standards available today, the challenge for developers is to add the latest connectivity stacks to the platform while ensuring stability and compatibility with peer devices and emerging cloud services. Wind River® Solution Accelerator for Android, Connectivity addresses this challenge with standards implementations for media sharing, information synchronization, and radio broadcasting support (each can be purchased separately).


Device-to-Device Connectivity

Device-to-device connectivity has become more important than ever. The ability to seamlessly share media and content between devices can be a significant differentiator for your product.

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Device Synchronization Through Open Standards

Because today’s average user has more than one mobile device, device synchronization is becoming a sought-after capability. Device users want not only access to information and applications on the device they are using, but also the ability to backup, synchronize, and access this same information on other devices in other locations.

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Tune in to this Android Frequency

FM radio is a popular function embedded in many consumer electronic devices. Despite these devices’ ever-advancing technology, FM radio remains a common way for people to get news, music, and entertainment.

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