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Product Spotlight

Wind River Diab Compiler 5.9.4 Evaluation

Wind River Diab Compiler Product Overview

Wind River Diab Compiler
Product Note

Diab Compiler: Over 25 Years of Safety and Innovation

For over 25 years, Wind River® Diab Compiler has been supplying compilers for safety-critical applications in the automotive, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries. Boost application performance, reduce memory footprint, and produce high-quality, standards-compliant object code for embedded systems with Wind River Diab Compiler.

Wind River Diab Compiler Toolchain Architecture | Click to enlarge

Big Performance. Tiny Footprint.

Wind River Diab Compiler’s unique optimization technology generates extremely fast, high-quality object code in the smallest possible footprint.

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The Latest Industry Standards

Diab Compiler Target Architecture Support


For the latest target processor support, contact your Wind River sales representative.

Due to collaboration with key semiconductor partners, Wind River Diab Compiler is available for the latest microcontrollers and microprocessors. Support for older processors is maintained for extended periods of time to allow customers to leverage new versions of the compiler for projects with long lifecycles.

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Reliable Quality and Automotive SPICE Process

Mission-critical applications across the globe rely on Wind River Diab Compiler's 25 years of field and lab testing, as do hundreds of millions of successful deployed devices in certified applications for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.

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Meet Safety Requirements

We're pleased that Wind River Diab Compiler has been used in projects validated by TÜV NORD for automotive functional safety, and proud of the millions of successful deployed products in safety critical markets such as industrial, medical, avionics, and automotive. Diab Compiler is also a key component of Wind River VxWorks® Cert Platform.

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Global and Local Support

Wind River Diab Compiler is supported by our award-winning and Service Capability and Performance (SCP)–certified support organization and the Wind River Support Network website. With six major support centers and 150 expert support engineers worldwide, Wind River gives your local teams local support in their language.

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