Meet Safety Requirements

We're pleased that Wind River® Diab Compiler has been used in projects validated by TÜV NORD for automotive functional safety, and proud of the millions of successful deployed products in safety critical markets such as industrial, medical, avionics, and automotive. Diab Compiler is also a key component of Wind River VxWorks® Cert Platform.

Certification Bodies

Diab Compiler has been a reliable code generation tool for avionics products certified for DO-178B, products for the nuclear market certified to IEC 60880, railway applications certified to EN 50128, and industrial products certified to IEC 61508, and is now qualified for use in automotive applications certified to ISO 26262. Our relationships with certification bodies such as TÜV, the FAA, and third parties including Validas and Verocel form a valuable ecosystem for safety certification.

Wind River Diab Compiler ISO 26262 Qualification Kit

With our new Diab Compiler ISO 26262 Qualification Kit, customers can qualify the Diab Compiler to the safety standards of ISO 26262 using a model-based environment. This approach simplifies tool qualification for the Diab Compiler and provides flexibility in how the Diab Compiler can be used in safety-related automotive projects.

Proactive Defect Reporting

All compilers have defects, but only Wind River shares them transparently, with the safety critical needs of our customers in mind. Our customers are made aware of possible threats to safety through Wind River proactive alerts, so they can quickly investigate and jointly resolve issues together with Wind River before deployment.


Wind River Diab Compiler 5.9.3 Evaluation

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Wind River Diab Compiler
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