Reliable Quality

Mission-critical applications across the globe rely on Wind River® Diab Compiler's 25 years of field and lab testing, as do hundreds of millions of successful deployed devices in certified applications for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.

Diab Compiler boasts millions of test cases, and tests against the industry's most recognized compiler test suites, including Plum Hall, Modena, Paranoia, and ACE's SuperTest, as well as thousands of regression tests, benchmarks, and industry-focused test cases. With Diab Compiler, you can ship with confidence that deployed devices will meet high standards for quality and reduce exposure to field-diagnosed issues.

Automotive SPICE Development Process

Wind River has achieved Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) Level 2 certification for the development process of Diab Compiler. Diab Compiler is the first compiler product to be certified for Automotive SPICE Level 2, reaffirming the Wind River commitment to adhere to the world’s best practices in developing high-quality software tools for the automotive industry.


Wind River Diab Compiler 5.9.3 Evaluation

Wind River Diab Compiler Product Overview

Wind River Diab Compiler
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