Big Performance. Tiny Footprint.

Flexible Compiler Optimizations

Wind River® Diab Compiler’s unique optimization technology generates extremely fast, high-quality object code in the smallest possible footprint.

Optimize with Precision

Access hundreds of compiler optimization options such as global, local, process-specific, profile-driven, and whole program optimization for the best performance and code density.

Lower Hardware Costs and Differentiate Your Products

With Diab Compiler’s optimization technology, you can build lower-power devices that use less memory, reducing hardware costs and boosting profitability, as well as faster applications with more functionality than the competition.

Ship on Time

Meet application performance requirements early in the project to mitigate the risk of last-minute optimizations that can so easily jeopardize schedules. Leverage Diab Compiler’s mature and reliable code generation technology, proven over 25 years in the most demanding and safety-critical applications.

Count on Leading Industry Benchmarks

Diab Compiler performance is constantly being tested to ensure industry-competitive results using key embedded benchmarking software such as the EEMBC benchmarks suites.


Wind River Diab Compiler 5.9.3 Evaluation

Wind River Diab Compiler Product Overview

Wind River Diab Compiler
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