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Wind River Connect
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Wind River Connect

Due to increasing demand for higher-performance systems, hardware design engineers and software engineers are migrating to multiprocessor designs to increase product performance and provide competitive, low-cost solutions.

There are numerous types of multiprocessor architectures: a single board with one processor connected to a dedicated scan chain; a single board with an SoC (System on Chip), with multiple processors acting like a single device on a scan chain; a board with multiple processors daisy-chained onto a common JTAG scan chain; or multiple boards with one or many devices on each board.

Wind River Connect enables developers to connect multiple processors, scan chains, and boards by tying the individual scan chains associated with each processor together onto one continuous scan chain. This process requires complex debugging tools, but it allows developers to simultaneously stop and start the processor's program execution, synchronously restarting the processors, as well as reading their internal registers and memory contents.

Wind River Connect provides the hardware mechanism to take uncommon JTAG scan chains and join them together. The product is an extension of the line of personality modules supported by Wind River ICE, which provides connections for up to four independent JTAG scan chains and concatenates them onto a common scan chain.

Features and Benefits

  • Connects up to four independent scan chains to one Wind River ICE; each scan chain can run at its own voltage level, from 1.65V to 3.3V
  • Supports up to a total of 128 devices and can synchronously debug eight of them simultaneously
  • Provides on-chip debug target control: start/stop target, set hardware/software breakpoints, take a target snapshot, reset the target, step one statement/instruction into function calls, and step over or out of a function
  • Built-in hardware diagnostics include a comprehensive suite of RAM tests, scope loops, and CRC checks
  • Complete library of turnkey algorithms for programming flash devices
  • Automated internal register configuration utility with bit-level detail and online help
  • Supports 32 groups for a total of 960 custom registers
  • Internal trace buffer support for PowerPC and XScale processors
  • Integrated with the industry's leading development suite, Wind River Workbench, and the visionCLICK debug solution

Technical Specifications

Supported Targets*

  • Power PC
    • PPC40x (includes Xilinx Virtex-II Pro)
    • PPC44x
    • PPC52xx
    • PPC6xx
    • PPC7xx
    • PPC74xx
    • PPC82xx
    • PPC85xx
Supported Hosts
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows 2000/XP

* For current target availability, please contact your Wind River sales representative.


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