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Wind River SBC P4080

SBC P4080The Wind River® SBC P4080 reference design kit is a desktop evaluation board that allows you to begin development on your project before your own custom design is available.

This reference design kit offers a solid platform for both hardware and software development. Hardware engineers can use the schematics, bill of materials, and documentation to design their own custom boards, while using the evaluation board itself to validate low-level software and begin firmware, board support package (BSP), and device driver software development. Software engineers can use the Wind River VxWorks® or Wind River Linux BSP platforms available for SBC P4080 to start prototyping applications on a stable reference board that closely parallels their device hardware.

The SBC P4080 reference design kit comes complete with detailed schematics, bill of materials, VxWorks 6.x boot ROM, a u-boot boot ROM with a Wind River Linux image, user documentation, a protective Plexiglas enclosure, and a power supply to provide you with a turnkey solution for your own custom design.


Wind River SBC P4080 Unique Advantages (vs. Typical Reference Platform)



Board Design Information

Accelerated board design time through reference design information

Smaller Form Factor

Desk or table size vs. large PC-style case

Configurable Dual Boot

Two 16MB Flash devices, jumper selectable

Flexible I/O Design

Industry-standard XFP port that accepts readily-available modules for 10G communication

Four industry-standard SFP ports that accept readily-available communication modules (one slot pre-populated with an SFP GbE module)

Two free PCIe x4 lane connectors

User Configuration Features

Programmable LCD to display boot and board status

11 power status LEDs that show enabled voltages, core, peripherals

Eight user configurable LEDs (software enabled)

Two jumper-selectable I2C devices with reset configuration words

Expandable Design

Expansion connector with local bus and access to SD card signals

Plexiglas cover that protects board from dust, provides access to peripherals

Wind River SBC P4080 Block Diagram

SBC P4080 Block Diagram
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