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USB JTAG Debugging

Wind River® Probe is a USB JTAG emulator built to debug uniprocessor devices. It is portable, so you can carry it to customer sites and power it by USB on your laptop. And it supports the latest 32-bit and 64-bit processors based on leading architectures, including ARM, ColdFire, Intel®, MIPS, PowerPC, and Intel XScale™.

With Probe, you get full visibility and control of your hardware and software in a compact USB JTAG emulator. Set hardware and software breakpoints, run diagnostic scripts, flash your board, and access key device information such as registers and cache. Use Probe to view operating system objects, and set thread-qualified breakpoints to pinpoint specific instances of logic running in your application.

Probe is designed for the entire development life cycle, from system bring-up and OS stabilization to application development. Best of all, Probe is powered by Wind River Workbench, giving you a rich and extensible environment for source-level debugging that is based on the Eclipse platform.

Probe USB JTAG Emulator

Probe USB JTAG Emulator from Wind River

View the Probe JTAG Debugger feature list for more details.

Probe JTAG Debugger feature list »

Wind River Probe JTAG emulator is great for single core and single thread debugging. But for multi-core, virtualized, or remote debugging our ICE 2 JTAG emulator is a better fit.

Compare Wind River ICE 2 and Wind River Probe

Compare Wind River ICE 2 and Wind River Probe

Watch the Probe JTAG Debugger Video

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