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Wind River Partner Validation Program for
Industrial and Medical Applications

To succeed in today's highly competitive global environment, industrial and medical device manufacturers must develop innovative, high-quality products that are delivered on time and on budget. This means maximizing development efficiencies and leveraging every advantage you can get.

The Wind River Partner Validation Program offers a pre-integrated software ecosystem that helps solve the increasingly important business issues of reducing time-to-market, achieving cost savings, and realizing successful project deployment. The program includes industry-leading application-specific partner software technologies and middleware that have been integrated with the latest release of VxWorks or Wind River Linux operating systems. By utilizing pre-integrated key software components, equipment providers can spend more time on developing differentiating features rather than integrating third-party technologies—reducing overall project risk and ultimately accelerating product deployments.

Software Partners in Validation Program

The following software technologies are integrated with Wind River's industrial and medical platform solutions.

Acontis Technologies provides solutions for industrial automation and medical and embedded technology. The EtherCAT master product line for embedded real-time operating systems is the main focus of the strategic partnership with Wind River. Professional services cover integration services as well as industrial communications, system, and firmware software development.

Esterel Technologies is the leading provider of critical embedded software development tools and services in the industrial, energy, transportation, and military/aerospace domains. Embedded software engineers use its solutions to graphically design, verify, and automatically generate critical embedded software applications. With a worldwide presence, Esterel Technologies continues to drive advances in critical embedded software development.

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ILS Technology changes the way companies share information and remotely access networked device data. ILS Technology enables secure connections between intelligent devices in production environments, across enterprises and between businesses, while removing the complexity and costs of linking production and asset management data with business intelligence or network management applications.

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KW-Software is the worldwide leading software manufacturer of IEC 61131 programming and run-time systems in the fields of industrial control and automation technology, IEC 61508 safety software up to SIL 3, and technology components for PROFINET integration.

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Softing AG specializes in fieldbus technology and has established itself as a world-leading partner in automation systems and control solutions. The company's wide range of expertise includes solutions for object linking and embedding for process control (OPC) as well as OPC-UA (OPC Unified Architecture), fast data transfer (FDT), and real-time Ethernet protocols such as modbus.

Wibu-Systems AG, founded in 1989, is focused on protection and licensing of software, documents, media, and access. It provides activation-based and hardware-based solutions, from smartphones, embedded systems, and PCs to servers. The company is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, with offices in the United States and China, and distributors all over the world.

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Wurldtech Security Technologies is a provider of cyber security testing and certification solutions for critical infrastructure industries. It aims to improve reliability and resilience of the process automation, control, and safety systems that underlie global critical infrastructures.

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Wind River Extends Partner Validation Program to Industrial and Medical Markets

Validated Software Ecosystem Helps Customers Accelerate Product Deployments

ALAMEDA, CA — May 5, 2009 — Wind River today launched the Wind River Partner Validation Program for the industrial and medical markets with initial partners Acontis Technologies, Esterel Technologies, KW-Software, and Softing AG. Partners in the program will provide their software solutions integrated and validated with the latest releases of Wind River's industry-leading operating systems, VxWorks and Wind River Linux. These partner software solutions are ideally suited for the control automation, process automation, power and energy, transportation, and medical market segments.

By working together to validate Wind River's hardware and software solutions with leading partner software, Wind River and its partners are together providing a pre-validated software solution stack that directly addresses integration costs, time-to-market, and long-term support. Also included in this pre-validated software stack are the most acknowledged and accepted standards, including the following:

  • PROFINET, an open, Ethernet-based, real-time communication standard, in various scalable building blocks for different requirements
  • An IEC 61131-3 PLCopen-compliant PLC run-time environment standard for machine configuration, commissioning, and engineering.

"Wind River has forged strong partnerships with these industrial and medical market leaders to bring customers a validated software stack that meets the requirements of specific market segments," said Jens Wiegand, General Manager, Industrial and Medical, Wind River. "Wind River's Partner Validation Program offers validated software components and an ecosystem with a clear commitment to industry connectivity, vertical application stacks, and tools to help solve critical business issues so customers can reduce overall time spent on integration and have their products completed more rapidly at a lower cost."

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