Wind River Licensing Support

On the Product Activation Portal site, you can activate your products and manage the deployment of Wind River® software. This facility is currently intended for license administrators. To use the site, you will need the License Administrator Essentials sheet that is shipped with your product.

For additional installation, licensing, and workgroup configuration help, see Installation and Licensing Documents (for products that include Wind River Workbench 2.6 and later).


Which products can be activated from the activation portal?

Please note that some older products can not be activated on the site. You may use the site to activate any of the following products:

Product Name Version
General Purpose Platform  
VxWorks Developers Toolkit All
General Purpose Platform All
Market-Specific Platforms  
Platform for Automotive Devices All
Platform for Infotainment All
Platform for Consumer Devices All
Platform for Industrial Automation All
Platform for Industrial Devices All
Platform for Network Equipment All
653 Platform All
Platform for Safety Critical DO-178B All
Platform for Server Appliances All
Development Tools  
Tornado 2.2+
Wind River Workbench All
Wind River Diab Compiler 5.0+
Wind Manage All
Wind River System Viewer (WindView) 4.1+
Wind Power IDE All
VSPWorks Development Tools 4.5