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Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux Product Note

Carrier Grade Linux and Wind River White Paper

Now certified on HP
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Registered and Ready for All Industries

Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River® Linux is the first product to meet the registration requirements of the Linux Foundation’s Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 specification built for a Yocto Project™ Compatible product. This turnkey solution provides essential capabilities for all industries, enabling the next generation of embedded Linux designs that require secure, standards-based, and reliable solutions.

Built on the Yocto Project Compatible Wind River Linux 6.0 platform, Carrier Grade Profile provides complete architecture support across major BSPs, with increased interoperability allowing changes to fit your future business needs while reducing switching costs and development effort. Backed by our unrivaled global support and services, Carrier Grade Profile combines the latest technical capabilities with our decades of expertise in the networking, aerospace and defense, industrial, medical, and automotive industries to provide the perfect trusted partner for your next Linux design.


Carrier grade products typically require at least five nines (99.999%) availability, and rapid network traffic growth and the need for greater data security have resulted in systems that are more reliable and resistant to attacks. Carrier grade is thus a hard requirement for networking devices, but also addresses the needs of large corporate infrastructures, data centers, military communications, and highly mobile devices.

Carrier Grade Profile provides all the key features required to obtain Carrier Grade Linux registration, including the following:

Built on Wind River Linux

Wind River Linux is the platform of choice for many of the leading industry equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Companies such as Motorola, Airvana, Itatel, Avaya, BIT, and other leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMS) and network equipment providers (NEPs) have standardized on Wind River Linux for their Carrier Grade Linux operating systems. The platform has been integrated, optimized, and tested with the leading multi-core processors, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, AdvancedTCA hardware solutions, and software middleware systems. Carrier Grade Linux is also available pre-certified on select HP NEBS-compliant ProLiant servers.

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