Wind River presenta le sue ultime novità relativamente alle tecnologie: MILS, Multicore e Software Defined Radio, in occasione del MILCOM 2009

MILCOM – Boston, Mass. – October 19, 2009 – Wind River presenta le ultime soluzioni software per il mercato aerospaziale e difesa durante MILCOM 2009: la prima conferenza internazionale per le comunicazioni militari, che si tiene a Boston, USA, presso il World Trade Center dal 18 al 21 Ottobre 2009.
Quest’anno, i partecipanti all’evento potranno vedere:

  • l’ambiente di sviluppo Wind River VxWorks MILS per sistemi Multilevel Secure (MLS) e per soluzioni di tipo “cross-domain”;
  • l’offerta Multicore, che permette di ottenere ottime performance, accompagnata da un ampio supporto da parte dei partner fornitori di board COTS;
  • la soluzione software defined radio (SDR), sviluppata insieme a PrismTech.

Wind River Showcases Latest Developments in MILS, Multicore, and Software Defined Radio at MILCOM 2009

MILCOM — Boston, Mass. — October 19, 2009 — Wind River is showcasing its latest aerospace and defense software solutions at MILCOM 2009, the premier international conference for military communications, held in Boston, Mass. at the World Trade Center from October 18 to 21, 2009.

At this year's MILCOM, conference attendees will be able to see firsthand Wind River's VxWorks MILS development environment for multilevel secure (MLS) systems and cross domain solutions; its industry-leading, high-performance multicore software solutions with broad support from its board vendor partners; and the software defined radio (SDR) solution that it has developed with PrismTech.

Robust MLS Development Environment
Wind River will be showcasing its VxWorks MILS product running on Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing's high-performance VPX6-185 6U VPX single board computer, and GE Fanuc's VPXtreme3 SBC310 3U VPX single board computer. Wind River VxWorks MILS Platform delivers a full-featured, open and robust MILS development environment for communication platforms with Common Criteria, MLS, and cross domain solution requirements.

Advanced Multicore Software
Wind River's multicore software solutions maximize the benefits of the industry's latest multicore processors by improving performance, partitioning capabilities, consolidating hardware, and reducing development costs. MILCOM attendees can interact with a variety of solution configurations based on advanced COTS hardware platforms provided by Curtiss Wright Controls, Emerson, GE Fanuc, and Kontron, running on both VxWorks and Linux platforms, with robust capabilities for Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP), Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP), and virtualization configuration options.

Software Defined Radio
Wind River and PrismTech are showcasing an integrated SDR solution. This solution resulted from a collaboration, also announced today, to develop a high-performance SDR solution for the military and public sectors. According to performance testing conducted by PrismTech, this combined SDR solution has demonstrated breakthrough performance on multiple processors from Freescale and Intel, including round trip times of less than 10 seconds to power up, initialize the platform, load waveform components, unload waveform components, and shut down the radio. PrismTech will be demonstrating a lifecycle demo of SDR/SCA (Software Communication Architecture) application development and build using the Spectra CX tool on a PC targeting Spectra SDR Operating Environment with VxWorks 6.

Wind River and its partners will exhibit in booth #344 at MILCOM. Additional details about Wind River's software solutions for aerospace and defense are available at

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