Wind River and Apogee Software Partner to Integrate IBM Java Technology into Wind River Platforms

Tel-Aviv, Mar 30 2004 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), the global leader in device software optimisation, today announced that the IBM WebSphere® Micro Environment, will be integrated into the Wind River® Platforms. The integration will be completed and delivered by Apogee Software, a leading developer of high performance programming environments and tools. With the Wind River Platform, IBM WebSphere Micro Environment and Apogee Aphelion ™ technologies, customers can configure and port Java applications from device-to-device easily, allowing them to develop and run applications that connect the enterprise to the device.

"Embedded Market Forecasters' 2004 survey of embedded developers found that 56.5 per cent of embedded designs interface internally or externally with enterprise systems,” said Dr. Jerry Krasner, vice president and chief analyst. “Wind River has recognised that customers are eager to extend their enterprise applications and information out to numerous devices. By partnering with Apogee, and using IBM's leading Java Powered(TM) Runtime Environment and device middleware, Wind River continues their commitment to delivering a pre-integrated Platform that incorporates industry standards. With the addition of IBM WebSphere Micro Environment, they expand on their customer base by providing Java technology to compliment their real-time operating systems for enterprise applications."

Apogee’s Aphelion™, a comprehensive integrated environment for developing and deploying Java-written applications targeted at many types of systems, will be available for customers using Wind River Platforms built on Wind River's VxWorks®, the world’s leading real-time operating system. Using Apogee Aphelion that integrates IBM Java technology, Wind River will offer customers a complete Java solution for device software development that can be used to develop and run Java applications targeted at the many types of devices that VxWorks powers, including telematics units, digital picture frames and industrial monitors and controllers.

“Java technology has had great success on desktops and enterprise systems, and with Aphelion, we are able to bring these benefits to the device market,” said George Malek, CEO of Apogee. “By working with IBM and Wind River to deliver Aphelion for Wind River’s VxWorks, customers can accelerate the development and deployment of Java applications that connect the enterprise to the device.”

"We are pleased that Wind River is working with Apogee to incorporate IBM WebSphere Micro Environment into the Wind River Platform," said Bruce Morse, Vice President Business Development, IBM Pervasive Computing. "This underscores the increasing importance of open, standards-based embedded middleware in building feature-rich, service oriented devices that can work seamlessly with back-end infrastructures."

“By partnering with a Apogee and integrating the IBM WebSphere Micro Environmnent the Wind River Platforms, we are able to provide our customers with a robust, standards based solution, enabling our customers to optimise their device software development, “ said Matthias Stumpf, Marketing Manager EMEA, Wind River.

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