Wind River Linux 4 Evaluations


This live evaluation of Wind River Linux 4 is a bootable DVD that runs the Wind River Linux product on your host system without permanently installing any software. A tutorial provides a guided experience, enabling you to get the most out of this evaluation. It includes the following Wind River products.

Wind River Linux 4
Wind River Linux is the industry-leading Linux platform for embedded device development. In one single product, Wind River Linux contains all the features and hardware support needed for a broad variety of industries and device types, including devices for networking, consumer, aerospace and defense, industrial, and medical industries. Preconfigured system profiles make it easy to jump-start device-specific development and allow device manufacturers to bring their products to market easier, faster, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Wind River Workbench
This evaluation version of Wind River Linux 4 includes Wind River Workbench, our integrated, Eclipse-based development suite. Workbench offers broad capabilities that support the entire development life cycle, from hardware bring-up to platform and application development, enabling standardization on one common environment across the enterprise.

By downloading software from the Wind River website, you agree to the terms of our end user license agreement.

System Requirements


Download the DVD image, save it to a known location, and burn the image to a blank DVD.

Note: A byte-exact copy of the DVD image must be placed on the DVD. It is not sufficient to simply copy the image file to the DVD. Refer to the manual of your DVD writing software. Alternatively you can receive a DVD in the mail.

Follow these steps:

Getting Started

A tutorial document with instructions on how to use the evaluation will open automatically after the system boots.

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