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"With Wind River, we shortened our time-to-market by 3 months." —Hao Wu, General Manager


"Wind River is a reliable partner, delivering the right technology at the right time." —Dr. Ralf Koeppe, Vice President, Research and Development


"By using Wind River Simics, 80–90% of the simulation models can be reused, representing tremendous cost savings." —NASA

Early Risk Discovery and Mitigation

Wind River® can transform your embedded development. Here’s how:

  • Discover and address risk earlier in the project lifecycle.
  • Reduce cost and risk characteristic of roll-your-own solutions.
  • Gain more time for developing features that add value.
  • Leverage our expertise from thousands of customer engagements—let us help you get it right.

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Shift Your Development Left

It's true that embedded development transformation is realized by process changes and the adoption of new techniques, tools, and operating systems. But it's also more than that—it's about changing the way you prioritize your development and taking an honest look at your build-versus-buy decision.

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Leverage Off-the-Shelf Solutions

  • Proven: Commercial solutions offer proven track records. For example, VxWorks® is used in over a billion devices with 25 years of project success.
  • Supported: You need products that include training and customer support.
  • Customizable: Off-the-shelf products are just as customizable as roll-your-own solutions. Build the ideal platform for your next device.
  • Safe and secure: Safety and security can’t be taken for granted. Gain the assurance of security and safety certifications and expertise.

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Benefits of Embedded Development Transformation

Future-Proof with a Solution That Works Across Product Lines

  • Cost control: Use off-the-shelf, proven solutions
  • Risk reduction: Use full system simulation and off-the-shelf components
  • Time-to-market: : Reduce development and integration time
  • Quality and security improvement: Use proven pre-integrated solutions
  • Build value: Concentrate on new differentiated features

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