Since 2004, Wind River® has delivered the best of open source technology optimized for embedded development. This innovation continues with additions to our Yocto Project Compatible Wind River Linux platform. Security Profile for Wind River Linux and Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux provide the additional reliability, security, and performance required by today’s interconnected world.

Security Profile for Wind River Linux

Securing devices has never been more important as tighter security requirements migrate across industries. Security Profile provides detailed system monitoring and forensics and meets Common Criteria to reduce the risk of security breaches. Find out how all devices can be safely connected.

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Highly Flexible and Configurable Certification-Ready Platform

Tested against FIPS 140-2, Security Profile provides feature templates for various Protection Profiles (PPs) in the Common Criteria requirements.

  • Operating System Protection Profile and Validation Tools (OSPP)
  • General Purpose Operating System Protection Profile (GP-OSPP)
  • Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP)
  • Labelled Security Protection Profile (LSPP)
  • Role-Based Access Control Protection Profile (RBAC-PP)

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Vital Security Capabilities on Top of Open Source Innovation

  • Open source Yocto Project Linux at the core with a meta-security layer
  • Expanded grsecurity packages in the secure kernel
  • Certification-ready platform
  • Reduced costs and improved operational flexibility across devices
  • Wind River security expertise, with over 5,000 security vulnerabilities investigated per year

Find out where Common Criteria requirements can be found across industries, and how Security Profile can help meet them.

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Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux

Registered and Ready for All Industries

  • Carrier Grade Profile is the first product to meet the registration requirements of the Linux Foundation’s Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 specification built for a Yocto Project Compatible product.
  • Carrier Grade Profile is a turnkey solution that provides the essential capabilities for all industries, enabling the next generation of embedded Linux designs that require secure, standards-based, and reliable solutions.
  • Motorola, Airvana, Itatel, Avaya, BIT, and other leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) have standardized on Wind River Linux for their Carrier Grade Linux operating systems.

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Up to 180x Faster Application Recovery Time

Than Products That Are Not Carrier Grade Linux Registered

  • Carrier devices have strict uptime requirements of 99.999%.
  • Cyberattacks constitute one of the most common reasons for downtime.
  • Outage costs are affecting every kind of business.

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